Here’s a look at new features and improvements that came to the ActiveAlert software and app in September of 2021.

Continuous Repaging Per Agency

Are you a part of multiple agencies? Do those agencies all use Active911’s ActiveAlert for their alerting software solution? If so, you may find it difficult prioritizing alerts within those different departments or agencies.

This is why we released a new feature in both the Android and iOS app that allows you to set continuous repaging for specific agencies.

In settings, you can pick which agency or agencies you would like the alerts to continuously repage. What this means is that an alert that comes through from that agency will continue to tone out until you open the alert. This will help you to know which alerts are a priority to view over others.

Five Nearest Map Markers

Another great feature we added to both the Android and iOS apps is showing the five nearest map markers to an alert’s location. These map markers are shown at the bottom of the alert data.

Now you can quickly find the closest fire hydrants or building pre-plans before you even arrive on scene.

The map markers distant is measured as the crow flies from the alert location to determine which are closest.

Temporary Map Markers

The last main feature we released in September is temporary map markers. When you create a map marker in the app or on the online console, you can select how long the marker is live.

This allows you to place markers for non-permanent structures or items, such as road blocks, bio or chemical hazards, and event structures.

You can specify how long the marker is live for: ranging in pre-determined times of 8 hours to 4 weeks. Once the time has passed, the marker will no longer be visible on the map.

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