ActiveAlert takes place of the FFRS System

In 2021, Active911 acquired FFRS. The ActiveAlert app and the FFRSred app provided very similar services to first responders. FFRS clients were offered the ability to transfer to ActiveAlert over the course of 2021. Early this year, Active911 took the steps to sunset the FFRS system so developers could be focused on the ActiveAlert product.

Feature-Packed App for First Responders

What users loved most about FFRS was the ability to respond quickly to alerts. ActiveAlert provides the same ability and so much more. It provides first responders with incident coordination by providing real time alerts of calls from dispatch, response options so you always know who is responding, and several mapping features to help make decisions faster.

Members are also able to set their availability and shift status so that they aren’t alerting when they are off duty. ActiveAlert also allows for many customizations based on each agency’s needs.