Helping Heroes Save lives

We are a company driven by our mission to help heroes. Our products and our values reflect this through our dedication to first responders.

Our Story

The Technical Wizards to Real Life Action Heroes

Today, Active911 is a respected leader in emergency communications and software, providing alerting, mapping, and scene resources for over 300,000 first responders worldwide. Based out of Western Oregon, we are proud to offer our services to the people that depend on us. Our focus is to take care of our brother and sister responders while our drive is to make sure you get the tools you need to get the job done and save lives easily and without distraction.

Our Process

Powerful Software Requires a Team Effort

It takes a diverse team to ensure our products meet needs, solve problems, and get in the hands of first responders quickly.

Innovate Around Needs

Our team looks at what pain points first responders run into in their everyday lives to drive product design and decision making.

Create Meaningful Products

Our diverse product teams develop a product one step at a time to ensure quality and ease of use for our first responders.

Quality Support

Our products are only successful if our clients are successful using them. We believe in providing the highest level of support, no matter the stage a client is in.

Monitor and Improve

Our job isn’t done once we release a new product or feature. We constantly monitor the performance and ensure reliability of service.

Our Team

The People Who Make it Happen

Active911 relies on its thoughtful leadership team to continue to provide the products and support that help heroes save lives.

Luke Dotson
Maarten-Jan Waasdorp
Grant Wyatt
Chief Information Security Officer, Customer Support Manager | Search & Rescue Volunteer
Robert Olson
Head of Engineering
Adrian Gomez
Product Manager, ActiveAlert | Former Firefighter
Meredith Apfelbaum
Product Manager, ActiveTeam
Mary Baillie
Sales Manager

Meet Our Customers

Don’t just take our word for how great Active911 products are for first responders

“Less than 30 days after we started our trial it has become an invaluable asset to our department and personnel.”

Daniel W. Michael

Based in Corvallis, Oregon

Founded and continuing to run our headquarters in Corvallis, Oregon. Based in this location is our Customer Service team, Product engineers and Marketing teams. 

Based in Saltillo, Mexico

Helmed up by local firefighters, the Latin America team knows first hand how ActiveAlert can help save lives. 

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