Listen & REspond Over Your Agency Radio

ActiveComms let you listen and respond to radio chatter wherever you have cellular service.


No Radio? No Problem!

Respond wherever the call reaches you

When first responders get the call, the lack of situational awareness can be a major headache. With ActiveComms, users can now listen in to ongoing radio chatter across two channels and respond when needed, all through the ActiveAlert app.

No More Bulky Radio

Don’t worry about carrying around a bulky radio for each agency you work with. Easily switch between channels to hear what’s going on during an emergency.

Increased Range

The drawback to radios is the lack of viable communication distance, unlike your cell phone which can give you almost unlimited range.

Low Latency

Receive radio communications in real time just like you would if you had a radio in hand.


Listen in on radio chatter from anywhere, be it your car on the way to the scene, a restaurant, or the gym.


The ActiveComms Radio Bridge allows you to hook into radio channels and create up to 1000 virtual channels and set permissions as to who can listen and respond through their phone.

Tone Detection

Like ActiveAlert, ActiveComms can detect tone frequencies and direct them to your phone to override silent mode and start transmitting audio.

Why ActiveComms?

Combined with ActiveAlert, ActiveComms makes your phone a one stop device for saving as many lives as possible.

No More Bulky Radio
Increased Range
Low Latency
Tone Detection

No Radio? No Problem!

With ActiveComms, there are no hidden pay walls or unexpected charges. Just like ActiveAlert and ActiveTeam, you get access to Active911’s support team to help you whenever you need them, 24/7.

1-49 Users
$60/Year Per User
  • Breaks down to $5/month per user.

50-149 Users
$57/Year Per User
  • Breaks down to $4.75/month per user.

150+ Users
$54/Year Per User
  • Breaks down to $4.50/month per user.

Radio Bridge
  • An agency will typically only need one Radio Bridge.
  • Each Radio Bridge supports up to two radio channels.
  • Additional Radio Bridges can be leased as needed.


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