Get Insightful Agency Analytics through ActiveAlert Reporting

As an ActiveAlert user, you can gain helpful insight into your agency’s alerts through the ‘Reporting’ tab in the online console.

In this tab, you can access four different reports. These reports were designed to give captains, chiefs, and other members the ability to see how their department is being utilized. The four reports included are: Alert Type Breakdown, Busiest Addresses, Busiest Hours, and Busiest Users.

All reports allow you to select the time frame you would like to view data as well as an option to download the report into a PDF document.

Alert Type Breakdown

In this report, you will see the volume of alerts by type for any given time frame. The default time frame is the last seven days, but you can set it to whatever date range you would like to look at.

At this time, alert types are based on the NFIRS Incident Type Coding Options and are determined by the data sent by your CAD. You are able to change the categorization of an individual alert under the ‘Alert’ tab if the type is showing wrong.

Busiest Addresses

This report is particularly helpful if you are trying to determine where to do wellness checks regularly, hot spots for crime, or monitoring certain areas of your jurisdiction.

You can set your time frame and see where the most alerts took place. You may see that you were called multiple times to one address. You may see that one intersection in town is prone to accidents. You will get both a list of addresses as well as a map with markers for a visual representation of the data.

Busiest Hours

Want to understand when the most calls happen for your department? Maybe you are reviewing your shift schedule to ensure its optimized for your department? This report will tell you the times that alerts came through for a given time frame. It also breaks that data down by call type based on NFIRS Incident Type Coding Options.

The data is listed in a table chart as well as a 24-hour line graph. This allows you two ways to view the data and make well informed decisions for your department.

Busiest Users

The ‘Busiest Users’ report gives you important insight into each device’s (and in turn user’s) number of responses as well as the way they responded. The response options will show as whatever response options you have set for your agency. You can also filter the report down based on response options so you can see how many people said they were responding in a time frame, or said they were available for a call, etc.

We hope this reporting can be a powerful asset for your agency in making informed decisions about your department in the future.

Does your agency not currently use ActiveAlert? Get your free trial today and see for yourself how powerful this software can be for you and your agency.

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