First Responder Scheduling made easy

With ActiveTeam, you can easily make sure that your schedules have the right personnel in place to ensure every shift has the tools they need to save as many lives as possible.

Scheduling Built for You

Skip the overly complicated scheduling systems

When it comes to scheduling, the easier it is on administration the easier it is for everyday users to view and request changes to. Having to pour through the available users for specific roles to fill or who is on vacation can be time consuming and makes the scheduling process that much harder on your administrative teams. Being able to easily see the gaps in the schedule, see users’ vacation and availability and send coverage requests means less time spent trying to balance the schedule and more time for keeping the teams running smoothly.

Easily Create Shift Schedules

ActiveTeam lets administrators build out repeating or non-repeating schedules and one-off shifts as far off into the future with everything you need, from length of shift to personnel needed, on one page.

Build Templates to Suit Your Needs

If you have common shift types and want to easily plug them in when needed, you can setup the template with everything you need all in one screen.

Fill Shifts Without the Hassle

When filling in a schedule, admins can see users’ availability, can request a user takes an open role, approve user requested shift trades and put limits on who can fill specific roles.

User Access on the Go

When receiving a schedule requests, users will get an email and can approve, deny, or make requests from their phone with the ActiveTeam phone app.

Schedule Reminder Notifications

Worried about missing your shift? Users can set ActiveTeam to send a push notification to remind them about upcoming shifts anywhere from five minutes to 48 hours before it starts.

Track Time from Anywhere

Users can track their time from any phone or tablet equipped with the ActiveTeam app or from a PC logged into the Active911 portal.

Why ActiveTeam?

Have all your shifts covered with features built to meet your agency’s needs.

Easily Create Shift Schedules
Build Templates to Suit Your Needs
User Access on the Go
Fill Shifts Without the Hassle
Schedule Reminder Notifications
Track Time from Anywhere

Cover Every Shift

Make It Easier for Your Members

With the ActiveTeam app, your personnel will have their schedule in their pocket, get notified of shift changes and quickly respond to shift requests.

Fully Customizable Schedules

Schedules to Fit Your Agency

Create everything from users, stations, and positions to ensure that your schedules accurately reflect your agencies needs and positions.

Affordable Scheduling solution For Your Agency

No matter the size of your agency, ActiveTeam provides customizable schedules, coverage requests, and availability submissions at a great price.


Our team is ready to help meet your needs and get you any information you require to get started with ActiveTeam.

One Price, Everything Included.

With ActiveTeam, there are no hidden pay walls or unexpected charges. Just like ActiveAlert, with ActiveTeam, you get access to Active911’s support team to help you whenever you need them, 24/7. 

starting at

$33 /each

Standard Rates, Per User



1 - 49



50 - 149







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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, personnel can submit their availability as needed and set for how long the availability applies. 

Yes, personnel can submit times they are unavailable. 

Yes, your team can utilize ActiveTeam through an app on their phone or through the online portal at ActiveTeam is not accessible through the ActiveAlert app. 

Yes, when creating a new shift, you choose the station that the shift will be assigned. 

Your free trial starts you with 1,000 users. If you need more you can contact our support team to request additional users for your trial. There are no limits to the number of licenses you can purchase.

There is a time tracking feature in ActiveTeam, however, there is currently not option for submitting overtime.

You can import personnel from your device list. There are no integrations between the apps yet. 

Personnel can optionally get mobile notifications when they are assigned to or removed from a shift, new shifts are posted, reminders before their shift starts, and when they have been sent a coverage request. 

Users with “Edit ActiveTeam” permissions will act as admins to make changes to the schedules and assignments. 

Yes, they can claim “unlocked positions on a first come, first served basis. They can request “locked positions”, and admins will select which person fills that seat.

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