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Here at Active911, we’re focused on making sure you have the tools you need in your pocket, in your rig and on your computer to respond faster and save more lives.

Be Prepared Before and During Emergencies

When every second counts, are you prepared?

When an emergency occurs, first responders need to be on scene as soon as possible. It’s imperative to have the right tools to be prepared before and during a call. With the Active911’s suite of products, you can be ready with ActiveTeam’s powerful schedule management that ensures the right personnel are in the right place. ActiveAlert will make sure your personnel get alerted, whether or not they have a radio on hand, and be on scene faster.

Product Capabilities

Powerful Software, Simple Interfaces

Active911’s products are designed with ease in mind, providing you with the capabilities you need, without hassle.

Built-In Navigation

Quickly navigate to the scene of the call with ActiveAlert’s mapping features.

Continuous Repaging

Stay up to date with call notes as they’re pushed by dispatch in the ActiveAlert app.

Scheduling to Fit Your Needs

Create custom schedules based on your agency’s unique shifts in ActiveTeam.

Cover Shifts Quickly

Functional on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs, users can access Active911 products anywhere, whether they’re at the station, in their rig, or out running errands.

Anywhere you need

Apps for your Phone, Tablet or PC

Functional on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs, users can access Active911 products anywhere, whether they’re at the station, in their rig, or out running errands.


ActiveAlert was designed to get first responders on scene as soon as possible. From the app, users receive alerts from dispatch, can respond to the call, and see who else responded.


With ActiveTeam, your agency’s schedule can be set up exactly as your department needs with both repeating and one-off shifts. Personnel will always have their schedule with them and can receive coverage requests or even trade shifts.


Using ActiveComms, create temporary channels to communicate with mutual aid agencies during emergencies. ActiveComms allows team members to make sure they’re always in the loop or allow them to listen to active incidents without interrupting communication lines.

Fair & Straightforward Pricing

Whether you need to schedule your team’s shifts or one off events, page members during an incident, or allow responding units to listen to radio chatter while en route, Active911 offers products to help you save lives.

Affordable emergency alerting software for first responders, with no hidden fees.
$15.75/Device Per Year
  • Alerts from Dispatch

  • Response Buttons

  • Mapping, Routing & Directions

  • Map Markers for Hydrants, Pre-plans & More

  • Local, Human Support

  • And More!

Users listen and respond to radio chatter wherever they have cellular service.
$60/User Per Year
  • No More Bulky Radio

  • Increased Range

  • Low Latency

  • Discrete & Customizeable

  • Includes Tone Detection

  • Listen to up to 2 Channels

Simple scheduling software to keep your shifts covered, with no hidden fees.
$33/User Per Year
  • Build Custom Calendars

  • Create Open and Locked Positions

  • See Personnel's Availability

  • Send Coverage Requests

  • Local, Human Support

  • And More!


We Serve Those Who Serve

Active911 helps heroes save lives by providing the tools emergency personnel need to respond faster. Our products help all first responders excel.


There’s no time to waste on medical calls, so personnel need all data in one place.

When every second counts, firefighters need mission critical data.

Military and government first responders benefit from faster response times.

Coordination of special units and officers can be fast and simple with the right tools.

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