Introducing the new Honeywell x Active911 Partnership

A photo showing the new features coming to ActiveAlert with the new Honeywell CLSS intergration.

Where it Started

In June of 2023, Active911 partnered with Honeywell to provide our Firefighters with more contextual information when responding to a fire. Today, we are excited to share the fruits of our partnership – CLSS Contextual Information for First Responders.

Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is an all-in-one cloud platform that integrates with a building’s fire system to capture and share contextual fire alarm data to stakeholders across the industry including monitoring centers, 911 dispatch centers, and first responders.

When Dispatch sends you to a fire call, Active911 will ping CLSS for contextual information directly from that building’s fire alarm panel to better inform your response. Active911 will check for this contextual information both at the dispatch address you’re heading to and at any nearby buildings. If CLSS has information available, it will be viewable at the bottom of the alert. This information will remain tied to the alert indefinitely.

CLSS Contextual Information is available for those buildings that have opted into the CLSS ecosystem. Honeywell is working to connect every building in the U.S. to CLSS to maximize effectiveness for firefighters.

How it works

When you click on an event that has CLSS Contextual Information, it will show responding firefighters the following information:

  • Event Description
  • Zone Label
  • Point description (Location where the event was triggered)
  • How the alarm was initiated (Smoke Detector or Pull Station)
  • Date and time the alarm was triggered at the panel
  • Event source (Honeywell CLSS)

You’ll also receive the building information as listed below:

  • City
  • Building name
  • Street
  • Contact information for the building

The nearby buildings will be listed below these new tabs where you can see the same building details as above.

Pictures of ActiveAlert with the new Honeywell CLSS integration showing nearby buildings during a call.

How it affects Active911 users

Looking to find out how to get your agency started with the Honeywell CLSS integration?


If there is CLSS Contextual Information available for the location you’re heading to, we will pull it and share it with you in the alert details.

Does your agency not currently use ActiveAlert? Get your free trial today and see for yourself how powerful this software can be for you and your agency.

You can also find more information on the Honeywell CLSS from Honeywell’s website.

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