Faster Response Times with One Powerful App

ActiveAlert is a reliable emergency response coordination software solution for first responders.

Data at Your Fingertips

Be prepared during an emergency

Response coordination can be that simple with the right tools. The ActiveAlert app with accompanying online portal allows you to get alerts to your phone from any CAD, see who is responding, record important map data and more.

CAD Connection

Easily set-up alerts with your dispatch center using email protocols. Our software works with all CAD systems. Once connected, alerts will automatically be delivered to your device. Our team will also set-up custom parsing for your agency that will ensure readability of alerts. Once set-up, there is nothing else that your dispatch center has to do.

Fast, Reliable Alerting

Get alerts delivered through Android, iOS, or PC app, SMS text message, voice or email – so you’re covered on any device. See all incident data from dispatch on one easy to read screen. Send specialized alerts to individuals, a specific group, or your whole team.

Easy Administration

With our cloud-based online portal, it’s easy to manage your agency’s account from any computer. You can customize your agency settings, view data for all alerts for all time, create team assignments, build page groups for your agency, manage users and devices, and more!

Map Data & Pre-Plans

Keep track of important data on your map, such as hydrants and Knox Boxes. You can also share map data with other agencies for mutual aid. You can also easily store pre-plans by uploading documents or photos to any map marker.

Custom Groups & Filtering

Get the right people to the scene faster by creating custom page groups and filtering. You can set-up your agency to filter medical emergencies to only page to your teams equipped to handle those calls or create a group for your officers to send internal alerts.


Keep your team accountable with a variety of helpful tools. Use response buttons to know who is responding or who is unavailable. GPS functions can help you see where your team is as they head to a scene.

Why ActiveAlert?

Packed with powerful features, this is more than just an alerting app.
CAD Connection
Fast, Reliable Alerting
Easy Administration
Map Data & Pre-Plans
Custom Groups & Filtering

Know Who's Responding

Completely Customizable Response Buttons

Ready to give your team even more precise response coordination? Users can let their team know what they’re going to do by using our built-in response buttons.

Popular Features

The 10 Most Popular Features of Active Alert

These ten features are what our users rave about when it comes to ActiveAlert. From Map Markers to Ring Tones, find out what everyone loves.

Affordable Alerting solution For Your Agency

No matter the size of your agency, ActiveAlert provides reliable alerting, mapping, and response coordination at a great price.

Devices Needed

10 Devices 1,000 Devices

Need a Custom Quote?

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One Price, Everything INcluded.

With ActiveAlert, you will get all the great features of our software at a price per device fee. There are no additional charges for set-up, on-boarding, support, or calls. We believe in helping heroes save lives which means offering fair, straightforward pricing.


$15.75 /each

Standard Rates, Per Device



1 - 50


per Device

51 - 100


per Device

101 - 500


per Device



per Device


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about ActiveAlert? Check out some our most frequent questions and answers.

No, our pricing is for an annual subscription only. We do not offer a monthly plan.

Licenses are assigned per device. Using a license for multiple devices, even if it’s for the same user can lead to alerts not being delivered to any of the devices registered for that user.

Yes! We offer a free 90 day trial of ActiveAlert so you can see if it will work for your agency. You can also request a 30 minute demo of the product from our sales team by contacting them at [email protected].

If you have a current documentation proving your tax exemption status, you can submit that to us via the billing page on your account and the taxes will be waived.

However many licenses you purchase of ActiveAlert when you first sign up can be used for up to one year. If personnel leave your agency, you can reassign their license to a new member. If you have new personnel join your agency during the year, you can purchase new licenses at a pro-rated rate.

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