Introducing ActiveComms

As introduced at FDIC 2023 and brought to you by the team that developed ActiveAlert and ActiveTeam; ActiveComms is a new product that allows your first responders to not only listen, but respond over your team’s radio channels right from the ActiveAlert app.

A Problem with a proven solution

Radios can be bulky and indiscreet.

With ActiveComms, your team can respond to an alert within the ActiveAlert app, start listening to radio chatter and choose which channels to respond to without needing to leave the app or find their radio.

  • Using cell service, you can simultaneously listen and respond to your teams from your cellphone.
  • Respond in real time with low latency transmissions, just like if you had a radio in hand.
  • Customize to fit your agency’s needs with up to 1000 channels.

How it Works

We've designed and built a radio bridge that connects to a radio

This radio receives the communications while the radio bridge sends it to our servers and we push it to all ActiveComms users in your agency in less than a second. When someone responds over those channels, the process reverses and those listening on the radio receive the transmissions in real time.

No Radio? No Problem!

With ActiveComms, there are no hidden pay walls or unexpected charges. Just like ActiveAlert and ActiveTeam, you get access to Active911’s support team to help you whenever you need them, 24/7.

1-49 Users
$60/Year Per User
  • $5/month for the first 1-49 users

50-149 Users
$57/Year Per User
  • Breaks down to $4.75/month for 50-149 users.​​

150+ Users
$54/Year Per User
  • Breaks down to 4.50/month for 150+ users.

Radio Bridge
  • An agency will typically only need one Radio Bridge.
  • Each Radio Bridge supports up to two radio channels.
  • Additional Radio Bridges can be leased as needed.

There are no additional fees to replace the Radio bridge if it breaks or if a new model is developed. A Radio Bridge is not required if you don’t need to connect it to a radio channel.

For department subscriptions, any additional subscription purchases after the original are prorated to expire at the same time as the original. An ActiveAlert license is not required to use ActiveComms.

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