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Active911 Donates to iEmpathize’s First Responder Training Course


Active911 is proud to announce that in April, we gave a donation to iEmpathize.

iEmpathize is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping eliminate human trafficking. We believe that the work iEmpathize is doing, specifically with First Responders, aligns with our mission of helping Heroes save lives.

This donation will go toward helping support iEmpathize’s First Responder Training course. The goal of the course is to train first responders on how to use their unique perspectives in the field. This will allow them to not only recognize the signs of human trafficking, but respond within their unique context to save the life of a victim. IEmpathize does this through media-based training to prevent the exploitation of children and human trafficking prevention.
“Our mission is also our most fundamental core value: help heroes save lives. We are honored to be able to live out that mission beyond the walls of Active911.” said Whitney Nightwalker, director of marketing, Active911. “We truly believe iEmpathize gives first responders the tools to save some of the most vulnerable lives through their education programs and we hope this donation will help further their work.”

This partnership furthers each organization’s goals of saving lives in different but very connected ways. Active911 is focused on developing software and technologies that help first responders pre, post, and on-scene. This training course is just another way to help first responders live out their calling to help their community.

For more information about iEmpathize, you can find them here.
Click here to find out more about Active911’s mission.

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