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As an ActiveAlert user, you can gain helpful insight into your agency’s alerts through the ‘Reporting’ tab in the online console. In this tab, you can access four different reports. These reports were designed to give captains, chiefs, and other members the ability to see how their department is being utilized. The four reports included are: Alert Type Breakdown, Busiest Addresses, Busiest Hours, and Busiest Users.
Today, we announced the rebranding of our flagship alerting product to ActiveAlert. Formerly known as “Active911,” “Active911 App,” and “Active911 Alerting,” rebranding the product to ActiveAlert allows the name Active911 to remain synonymous with the parent company of our first responder software solutions and not the individual alerting and emergency response coordination app. ActiveAlert is a change in name only and clients will not see a change in the function and features of the software or app.
With Active911’s alerting app, you are able to change your mapping settings so that you can see how far an incident is if traveling by aircraft. Rather than turn-by-turn navigation, you will get direct point-to-point distance. This is an extremely helpful tool for any agency that has Life Flight, air ambulances, tanker planes, or airplanes for search and rescue teams. You can also use this tool for directing other aircrafts such as drones.